Presidential candidate Tom Steyer rolls out housing policy

  When the election first started, housing wasn’t a key issue for Democratic candidates, even in the primary debates. After the October debate, Julián Castro criticized the moderators for closing with a question about comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ controversial friendship with former President George W. Bush without asking any questions about housing and other critical issues. The former […]

urban decay all nighter

In Case You Were Wondering If Your…

  …immaculate new bottle of Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray will stay fresh to def forever, it won’t. LOL! I hate to dash your hopes, but things are going to get dirrrty. Case in point: the pic above. I didn’t realize just how dirty those white bottles get until I opened a new […]

Inside Warren Buffett

Inside Warren Buffett’s Brain

What springs to mind when you think of legendary investor Warren Buffett? For some, it’s his humble Omaha origins or his long-lasting obsession with Coca-Cola. For other people, it’s Buffett’s impeccable investing track record and extraordinary wealth that make a lasting impression. While these are all legitimate connections to make with the Buffett name, perhaps […]

Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Slack by Pentagram and In-house

Slack’s new logo is weird

Changing your well-known logo can be a risky move, and I’m still not sure if Slack’s revision makes sense. I came in on a Monday morning, fired up the work MacBook Pro, and found odd new icons replacing the familiar hash logo on my Chrome browser. Slack, the instant messaging app that makes it easier […]